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So Facebook’s open graph is a little disconcerting. I’ve never been concerned with sharing information about myself with my friends and Facebook. I trusted that Facebook had my best interests at heart as a user, but now I’m seeing them in a bit of a different light. Their actions lead me to believe that they […]

So my addiction to Foursquare is making this smakcdown a little harder because I always check-in on Foursqaure and then forget about Gowalla & Loopt. Maybe the solution is adding them to the homescreen on my phone… Anways, I wanted to check in and let you all know my initial thoughts. Foursquare: ❤ They’ve also […]

Do you have a favorite Facebook Fan Page? I do. I’m totally head over heels for the work that is being done on the True Blood Fan Page. Don’t know what True Blood is? Well you’re missing out on all the vampirey/shapeshiftery/fairy goodness. (I read the book series that the TV series is based on) […]

Dear Private Troller, You really don’t have to be so mean. Especially to potential clients since you are a consultant and the person you insulted happens to work with an association. This person wasn’t me, but I am personally connected (she’s my mother). What you did was totally uncool and even more unprofessional. I really […]

So Facebook is killing Connect in favor of “Open Graph”. They’ve now changed the fan dynamic, instead making it a more “light weight” relationship. Not good for those trying hard to build strong relationships. They also want you to “like” the whole web. They’ve introduced Community Pages, which I still don’t fully grasp the concept […]

I’ve talked many times about how at AAPA we use personal accounts on Twitter. Some are branded, some are not. But really the crux of strategy is the use of Hashtags to communicate. So why hashtags you may ask? Well… The main purpose of the AAPA Twitter accounts is to help connect PAs. We do […]

Today’s post was inspired by the exercise in censorship that recently appeared on the ASAE Acronym blog. There was a post entitled “Consultant Wasteland”. It was a really insightful post about the relationship between staff & the consultant. If you haven’t seen it yet, myself and Maddie Grant have shared the post on Google Buzz […]