Twitter Strategy: Hashtags, hashtags & more hashtags


I’ve talked many times about how at AAPA we use personal accounts on Twitter. Some are branded, some are not. But really the crux of strategy is the use of Hashtags to communicate.

So why hashtags you may ask?

Well… The main purpose of the AAPA Twitter accounts is to help connect PAs. We do this through a lot of different types of tweeting that utilizes hashtags. For example:

  • #followfriday or #ff – Every Friday I do the standard Follow Friday, usually one for PAs and sometimes ones that feature just students. This allows PAs to follow each other and enhance the conversation.
  • #AAPA – Anything and everything AAPA related goes under this hashtag. Whether we tag it, or one of our constituents does, it helps give a bird’s eye view to the organization.
  • #aapa10 – Well the number isn’t important, but this is the hashtag we drive people to as it relates to conference. We send people to the hashtag as opposed to an actual account because it lets potential attendees see what other people are saying.
  • #PAWeek – PA Week is our big publicity event of the year. So we encourage constituent organizations and PA/PA Students to tag their PA Week activities with the hashtag.
  • #PhyAsst – Anything PA related we and other PAs tag using this hashtag. From articles, to state legislation, to comments about their day, PAs use this tag to connect with each other around the profession.

With the exception of #followfriday, we’ve created all the hashtags we’re using. We had another one (#PAsRock), that we would use to recognize all the awesome things that PAs do, but have found it’s harder to find articles that really hit the essence of what we’ve been trying to capture with #PAsRock. Maybe we’ll try again, but a lot of these things would also qualify as a #PAWeek type of article.

Anyways, how do you use hashtags? Have you found others encroaching upon your “territory”?


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