Really Facebook? What are you smoking?


So Facebook is killing Connect in favor of “Open Graph”.

They’ve now changed the fan dynamic, instead making it a more “light weight” relationship. Not good for those trying hard to build strong relationships.

They also want you to “like” the whole web.

They’ve introduced Community Pages, which I still don’t fully grasp the concept of.

And finally… They’re partnering with Microsoft to create their new “Docs” software with Facebook integration. Here’s WWD’s take on it.

Is it just me or do I really NOT need to integrate my documents with Facebook…

So it looks like Facebook cares a bit more about themselves than they do their users. Is it just me thinking this?


One Response to “Really Facebook? What are you smoking?”

  1. Facebook long ago abandoned caring about its users and is now about just one thing: figuring out ways to sell out users to make a buck. It sucks because while I hate the way they treat users–in other words, exploit them–I am beholden to Facebook because as a business tool it’s proving to be valuable. If I was in another line of work I’d delete my Facebook profile in a minute. I hate this most recent change with the partner sites and how they’ve done their famous roll-back of everyone’s privacy and you have to go hunt for that setting to fix it. Then when you do try to opt out of sharing your data they do a big “warning: are you SURE you don’t want to share? Because even if you don’t share when your friends share your data will be out there anyway” thing.

    This is my favorite post recently about the subject:

    He is spot on when he says “Facebook is only concerned about two things. Amassing the biggest profile database in the world and to convert that into a sickening amount of money.”

    But caring about community and users and “enhancing the social experience of the web”? Bullshit.

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