There’s no need to be nasty.


Dear Private Troller,

You really don’t have to be so mean. Especially to potential clients since you are a consultant and the person you insulted happens to work with an association. This person wasn’t me, but I am personally connected (she’s my mother).

What you did was totally uncool and even more unprofessional. I really don’t think you’re in a place to be putting people down for contributing to a list-serv… you know… what you’re supposed to do on a list-serv…

Sure, she contributed 4 times in the course of two day, but I know others who are far worse offenders, besides the fact she does have over 25 years in membership.

Your attitude does not impress me, sorry.

Sorry to be spiteful, but I call a spade a spade, and unlike you, will not hide behind the not-so-anonymous-anymore-internet. And out of respect for my profession, I won’t name who you are.


Dear Readers – We now return to our not-so-really-regularly schedule programming. I apologize for the vent, but I don’t like it when people be nasty and say mean things about people I care about. What I take away from the situation: you can’t get too angry about it, but vent if you need to and move on. Oh, and don’t hire that consultant.


One Response to “There’s no need to be nasty.”

  1. Wow–wish I’d seen someone be rude to your mom on a listserv–I would have blasted them. Your mom rocks!

    Here’s my thing: a) I hate people hiding behind the “anonymity” of the internet and being nasty. Work that stuff out on your own time in real life and don’t get off being rude from behind the Oz curtain; and b) the association community is a small world so doing something nasty to one association person could have big ramifications…so if you make a living supporting associations it’s probably not a great idea to rant on a listserv. Just sayin’.

    And not that it’s totally relevant but I’ll say it anyway–ditto goes for unscrupulous business practices or nasty stuff like trying to malign a competitor if you’re an association vendor. Word gets around about that stuff and it’s a reflection on the kind of business you run. There are certain vendors I won’t even entertain bids from because of the way their employees act–I don’t want to entrust my association’s stuff to a company that condones that behavior. That’s all.

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