Facebook, you’re going a little too far.


So Facebook’s open graph is a little disconcerting. I’ve never been concerned with sharing information about myself with my friends and Facebook. I trusted that Facebook had my best interests at heart as a user, but now I’m seeing them in a bit of a different light.

Their actions lead me to believe that they are more vested in their own interests than the interests of their users. We get a lot of gum flapping about making the web a more social experience, but then why is our data being handed over in droves to the partners of Facebook?

To me there is a difference between me sharing my interests with my friends on Facebook’s platform and my web experience being tailored everywhere I go. These partnerships have to be a monetary gain for Facebook, otherwise, why would they be engaging in them? Yet as a user, my data is being capitalized on.

This may be normal web fare, but isn’t Facebook just taking this all a little too far? I chose to share my information with Facebook, not with their partners.

Now, I know I can adjust my settings, and am in the midst of doing so. Below you’ll find instructions on how to keep the open graph from sharing your information with the world.

Unfortunately this doesn’t stop my information from being shared via my friends. It’s a tangled web that has been woven. Will we ever untangle it?

Closing the Open Graph

  1. Log into Facebook
  2. Go to Privacy Settings (Upper right hand corner, under “Account”)
  3. Go to “Applications & Websites”
  4. Click on “Edit Settings” to the right of  “Instant Personalization”
  5. Unclick the box underneath the graphic.

Underneath the box, you’ll find the following text:

“Please keep in mind that if you opt out, your friends may still share public Facebook information about you to personalize their experience on these partner sites unless you block the application. Learn more.

I’d also suggest going back to the “Applications and Websites” section, and click “Learn More” to the right of  “What you share”. At the bottom of that page you can click a link to view the list of applications you’ve authorized. It might be a good idea to delete the applications that you don’t use.

Good luck!

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