Geolocation Smackdown: A little over a month in


So my addiction to Foursquare is making this smakcdown a little harder because I always check-in on Foursqaure and then forget about Gowalla & Loopt. Maybe the solution is adding them to the homescreen on my phone…

Anways, I wanted to check in and let you all know my initial thoughts.


  • They’ve also updated the app & it has a slicker interface, w00t!


  • The application is a little lack luster for Android. When I first downloaded it, I went to sign up through the app. I have an Android G1, so to type in the fields I have to open the keyboard and when trying to fill out the fields the app wouldn’t scroll so I could see all the fields I needed to enter. Super annoying.
  • Another thing about the app, when I first downloaded it I didn’t have the option to add a new venue!
  • How do I search for a location? Many times I’ve been somewhere and the location doesn’t pop up. Remember GPS is not 100% accurate, so letting me search makes things a little easier.
  • As an Android user, I just feel like I was an “add-on”. This app doesn’t feel like it was made for my OS.
  • It does have potential though. I’ve heard great things so I’m looking forward to playing with it more.


  • It creeps me out. Seriously. I will not open this app when I am anywhere near my house. I mean I understand that I need to physically tell it to share my location, but when I made the mistake of opening it at home and it showed my EXACT location, that freaked me out a little.
  • I don’t enjoy Loopt’s lack of structured places to check-in at.
  • There are also no incentives for checking in that I’ve seen.
  • So far this one is in a distant 3rd…

Is anyone using Where? or any of the other alternatives?


One Response to “Geolocation Smackdown: A little over a month in”

  1. Have you thought about buzzd? buzzd is essentially a real-time social city guide for your mobile device. It offers you reviews and updates about nightlife spots, restaurants, and other venues in your city using the “buzzdmeter” which aggregates information from twitter and other social media/ location services! They also offer many giveaways for their top users… much more valuable than the virtual goods foursquare and gowalla provide. Theres some new versions coming as well, so stay tuned!

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