What Foursquare is missing…


I am a self-proclaimed Foursquare addict, and because I love it so much, things occur to me about how I think it can be better. These may be a little selfish since they are meeting my needs and not necessarily the needs of the community-at-large, but I can’t help but think if I want these two features, others must want them as well. So here goes.

1. Event check-in.

It drives me CRAZY when I see events creating a venue out of an event. I’m sorry, you’re not a venue, stop trying to bend a tool to your will and get creative! Find new ways to use the tool that fit inside the accepted boundaries. This could also be my “C” personality speaking though.

Anyways, what I’d like to see if when I check into a venue there could be another layer to the check-in. For example, using my Annual Conference coming up, if I were to check-in at the Georgia Dome, Foursquare would have a database of events taking place on the day that I check-in. It would allow me to not only check-in to the venue, but also the event with-in a single check-in process. This would eliminate companies from creating their own Foursquare venues for things that only exist for a week at most and allow attendees to own/proclaim what they are attending.

2. Employee Check-in.

A colleague of mine and I had a discussion one day about whether or not we should be checking in at work on Foursquare. I firmly believe that a business would rather have a client/customer/member the mayor of a location over an employee. It helps create brand loyalty with that individual and a sense of ownership. I know when I’ve been ousted from a mayorship, I have a insane urge to visit that place just to try & regain my mayorship. (I said I was addicted…)

My solution is to provide an “Employee Check-in” which would allow the individual to earn points, but not mayorships. For example, I’m going to be starting rehearsals soon and I would like to check-in when I’m at rehearsals, but at the same time, I would think there is more potential to build a relationship within the patron since if you’re an employee, you probably already have a relationship with that establishment.

Alright, so those are my big two. What else do you think Foursquare is missing? (or geo-location apps in general)

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