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My top 11 common twitter mistakes, in no particular order. Why 11? Well in top 10 lists, I’m always looking for a little something extra. 1. Broadcasting constantly Twitter is a conversation, don’t forget that. One thing I see brands doing too much is constantly broadcasting out information and not acknowledging the conversations that are […]

Live-blogging from session #asae10 Goals 1. One policy for staff and volunteers The simplest thing that could possibly work, the more policies you have the more you need to maintain. 2. Platform Agnostic Based on individual behavior, not behavior on the site 3. This compliments your existing policies Not trying to cover everything 4. Policy […]

So my wonderful presentation partners Elizabeth Engel & Layla Masri just finished up our presentation “Plays Well With Others: Engage Your Members by Integrating Multiple Communication Channels”. In case you missed it (because it’s not like there were FIVE other social media sessions going on at the same time or anything….), I’ve embedded the Prezi. […]

I’ve written before about how blogging has become more of my thing at conference (#6) as of late. For me I seem to get a lot more out of the process of live-blogging than I do tweeting a session. Not to say that Twitter isn’t valuable and that I haven’t gotten a lot out of […]

It has been a long 24 hours so far. Well I’m lying slightly, I’ve been in L.A. for about 28 hours, but close enough I say. I’m not a west coast girl by nature. I’ve lived on the east coast most of my life though I did spend my college years (plus a little extra) […]

… now that I read Amber Nausland’s recent post on Brass Tack Thinking. I’ve been a bad blogger lately. Well at least on this blog. I’ve been a *bit* better on my theatre blog, but I’m also in the midst of “hell week” for the show I’m directing. I have had tremendous guilt about not […]