The Candycorn Theory


Awhile back I was introduced to the Candycorn Theory (Myth #5) via a post on Mashable about the Oregon Trail Movie Trailer (embedded below).

Now if you don’t feel like clicking through, here is my recap of the candycorn theory:

When a piece of content reminds you of something you were fond of in your childhood but haven’t though about in awhile (like candycorn), people tend to share it more.

So how can associations tap into this idea? What fond memories would your association be connected with?

Btw, if you think this doesn’t work… When Mashable originally posted about the trailer it had about a little over 300 hits when I viewed it on August 2nd, now it has over 862,000 hits on YouTube, and for their line of work that type of brand exposure if exactly what they were looking for. This once again demonstrates how you need to think about measurable objectives when you start the process.


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