You’re not ready for social media if…


If you think that everything should be business, business and more business.

Part of the beauty is that social media can be both. In associations we’re always trying to forge relationships and relationships come out of personal connections. So let your hair down a bit and have some fun.

If you try to measure every action you take on outpost social media channels (like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.).

Sometimes you can’t measure the ROI of a “thank you”, a “congratulations” or a “I’m sorry to hear that.” So don’t try. Look to measure the actions that help you achieve your business objectives, and remember that social media measuring is not perfect. You must constantly refine the work that you do and realize some of the things you do just earn you the warm & fuzzy points.

If you try to play it too safe.

People aren’t perfect and neither should your social media presence. Don’t worry about sending out a piece of content because “people might respond”. The idea is to get people to respond.

(My tip: If the piece of content is a hot button, ask a question around it so that the post seems more neutral.)

If you’re not willing to admit when you’ve made a mistake.

We all make mistakes and that’s okay. What’s not okay is not owning up to them. Social Media audiences expect you to be honest and treat them with respect. You might have a few people make comments that might be little jabs, but the willingness to put it out there and own it earns you points when building your community.

If you aren’t willing to act fast and respond honestly.

Slow response is the death of a social media presence. Don’t risk being written off because you don’t have the processes in place to respond quickly.

If you aren’t willing to put in the time it takes to grow a robust community.

If you want the community to grow around your association’s presence, then it takes time. I find that it varies community to community, but it’s a constant process of refining the presence to make it better. Trying new tactics, trying new sources of content, etc. In some ways it is never ending because the as your community grows it will be changing.

If you don’t put the customer first.

Social Media isn’t just a communications or marketing tool, it is a shift in the way that companies interact with their customers (or in association’s cases, their members). There is a big difference between layering social media on top of your organizations communications and having social media be a natural occurrence derived from the way your company operates.

If you aren’t willing to take risks.

I don’t mean risks as in the type that will get you sued, I mean in the sense that you are pushing your own boundaries. By now social media has been around long enough, that if you want to be a big name on the block, you’ve got to be willing to put it out there.

If you aren’t thinking about when you will need to bring on an FTE to man your channels.

Nothing drives me a little crazy when I see social media being passed off to interns or incorporated into an already bloated job description. For social media to be effective, you need to have the time and manpower devoted to making it successful. This could be dispersed throughout a team, but I also feel like that dilutes your connection with your members a bit. In the end, you still need a figurehead for your presence, and having someone who knows their way around the social media landscape is your best bet.

Anything I’ve missed? What are key signs that you may not be ready for social media?

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