Geolocation can be WOM gold.


I’ve been reading over Andy Sernovitz’s book Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking. I picked it up at Buzz 2009 and finally now have some downtime to actually read it. You can read a recap of his keynote here.

So I’m thinking about WOM and seeing examples of it in my daily life. Being the consummate Foursquare addict that I am, I realized that Foursquare is a great “Tool” for WOM. Here’s my example:

Last night I was with my boyfriend and a few of his male friends. There was this new place that opened right near the movie theater we went to last night, his friend had heard about it from a coworker and convinced us to go, so we did.

Applying this in the 5 T’s framework:

Talkers – That’s me in this case. I, of course, checked in on Foursquare when we arrived and made the following comment: “It’s like Hooters, but with irish catholic schoolgirl waitresses” pushing it to Facebook.

Topics – The attractive waitresses in their school girl uniforms and the focus on sports. If we’re honest with ourselves, this type of topic gets any man talking.

Tools – Foursquare, which checkins usually posted to my Facebook account and sometimes to Twitter.

Taking Part – Well they aren’t taking part, but Foursquare does have a robust set of tools (like their specials) for business owners, so they could. Foursquare also encourages you to promote check-ins and helps people know about specials that are around them. The potential for them to get involved is there.

Tracking – Foursquare also offers business owners the opportunity to collect metrics about their venue. I know that the Tilted Kilt just opened sometime in early August, but the place was packed last night and according to Foursquare they’ve had 92 people check-in 122 times since they opened and that is just what is publicly available.

Whether or not you agree with how their waitresses dress, it still gives us something to talk about and that is at the heart of WOM. I mean heck, I’m writing a blog post about it now.

As an added bonus, Mashable just posted this article about 5 New Ways Small Business Can Offer Location Based Deals.

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