Unexpected Influencers


One of the things that I believe associations overlook is what I like to call their “unexpected influencers.”

These are individuals who may not be active in the organization because that isn’t their style, however they can be more engaged and more influential than a lot of the more active leaders because they participate in a space beyond the organization. These influencers don’t have to play by the same rules as those in your governance structure and therefore are able to attract those who are normally turned off by the typical volunteer model.

In a former position, there were definitely unexpected influencers, especially on Twitter. Though we had board members involved in Twitter, the people that really drove that presence and made it successful were those that maybe were involved on the state level and those that were just card carrying members who cared about the profession deeply. They created the space that they wanted to be in and leveraged my participation on Twitter as a way to connect and organize them all. These influencers all had a few things in common though… they were passionate about what they did, they wanted to connect with others like themselves and they enjoyed having a space that combined the personal and professional.

Social Media is powerful for associations and nonprofits because it transcends our traditional governance structures. It allows us to reach out and actively engage individuals who normally would just be checkbook members. The potential that lies within associations using social media is exponential.

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