Broadcast is a dirty word in my book.


So once again, I find that it has been awhile since I’ve been able to write. The new job is taking me back & forth to Seattle and challenging me in new ways every day. It’s awesome. Unfortunately, it’s left little time for blogging lately. But here’s an attempt to offer up some p.o.v. to appease the content gods. I’m hoping this extended period of time between postings is not a normal thing…

So. Broadcasting.

Let me define that in respect to what I mean by the title of the post within the world of social media.

Broadcasting can refer to a whole channel (like a “broadcast channel”), meaning that the channel is purely used for push with no-to-minimal engagement.

The other way I think of it is specifically about the individual post, like “that post was meant to broadcast out X.”

In my playbook, broadcast is a dirty word when you are referring to a broadcast channel. (This is a blanket statement, I’m aware of that and there are exceptions.)

The reason I think this way is because social media IS DIFFERENT than traditional media. It is about the conversation and the connection between the individuals and the brand (or their community manager more specifically).

Now maybe this is because I was a community manager for some time and my work was based on building relationships, but for me, that is what is exciting about social media, and what makes it different. As a brand in social media you have the opportunity to build a community around your brands and products, offering those that follow you a peek behind the curtain. Your customers (or members) have the chance to feel like they are a part of ‘you’ and not just someone that buys what you are selling.

So I guess my challenge to you, the reader, is to ask yourself how can you focus on building those relationships? How are you able to talk with people instead of just at them? What do you find are the best ways to do this?

Talk to me.

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