Being Present.


For those of you that also follow my personal blog, you may have read that after a few years away I’m returning to my yoga mat. I’ve missed it very much and going back I’m starting to realize how far I’ve drifted from my practice in my time away.

The sixth limb of yoga is Dharana, which is translated as concentration. In my integrated work of theatre and yoga this has always been presented to me as the act of being present in what you’re doing. “Being in the now” so to speak. On stage, you must be present in all that you do. It allows you to respond and truly engage in the feelings that you are having as the character.

Always looking to translate what learn personally into my work, I started thinking about presence and what it means to be present in social media. Here is the conclusion I’ve come to…

To truly be present with those you converse with is the highest form of respect, and respect for your fans/followers/etc. is essential to a strong social media presence.

So how do we translate being present into a tactical implementation?


  • We acknowledge the feelings of our fans/followers (both positive & negative))
  • We don’t just use canned responses but take the time to personalize what we say
  • We look for the deeper meaning behind complaints
  • We don’t ignore those who chose to engage with us
  • We empower our brand evangelists to spread the message
  • We acknowledge the collective power of consumers/members
  • We admit that consumers/memebrs shape our brands
  • We ask questions to gain a deeper understanding of what motivates our fans/followers

Those are just a few ways off the top of my head. Can you think of any more?


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