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It’s been a little bit since I posted, but I wanted to share an article that Maggie McGary and myself were quoted in for the Associations Now Interactive Extra. It’s all about building meeting buzz online; before, during and after the event. Check it out. Also, don’t forget the tips and ideas provided can extend […]

Back in March, I had the incredible pleasure of meeting Mr. Joe Gerstandt. He is an amazing person to converse with and an incredible speaker. I had the amazing opportunity to see him do the below Ignite presentation at ASAE Great Ideas. He’s probably one of the best speakers I’ve seen in awhile. Maybe it’s […]

So this is my second Ignite presentation I’ve been to in the past week (the other one being Ignite Baltimore 7). Since it’s kind of a firestorm of information, I’ve captured a key takeaway from each presentation. Enjoy! (btw, I will update with YouTube links when they are released) freak flag-flying (what, why, and how) […]

Social Media Gurus don’t do the job of the community manager. Content Leader Ben Martin admits this session is not for the social media experts, but offers a Think Web First – Go from the web or social media, popular ideas get pushed to the email newsletter and then escalated to the magazine. Relevance – […]

Let me just say this… I heart DimDim. For those of you who don’t know, DimDim is an online open source web conferencing software that worked in a freemium model. Unfortunately for us fans of DimDim, they have recently been acquired by Salesforce and as a result are shutting down all free accounts by March […]

Admittedly, I haven’t spent much time on the ASAE site since it was launched back in August. I tend not to spend much time on there in general, probably because I get most of my value in the association from the people I connect with via the list-serv, the Associations Now magazine, or ASAE conferences. […]

Driving Growth: An Online Community Success Story with Ted Simpson & Paul Schneider of Socious Higher Education User group went from 4,500 to 24, 580 in a few short years. This community has been around for about 7 years or so. HEUG is a volunteer based organization, meaning lots of turnover, so they needed a […]

Due to a conference call I unfortunately came into this session a little late, but here’s what I’m walking away with. Associations On the Go with Peter Hutchins & Amy Hissrich of ASAE The trend is moving that people want easy to carry devices where they can access large amounts of data. So what does […]



So things have changed greatly for me in the past month, it has almost literally been a whirlwind since I got back from L.A. (aka ASAE’s Annual Meeting). One big (fairly new) change is that technically I’m not in the nonprofit world anymore. It’s a little sad, a little bittersweet, but the opportunities outside of […]

One of the things that I believe associations overlook is what I like to call their “unexpected influencers.” These are individuals who may not be active in the organization because that isn’t their style, however they can be more engaged and more influential than a lot of the more active leaders because they participate in […]