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So once again, I find that it has been awhile since I’ve been able to write. The new job is taking me back & forth to Seattle and challenging me in new ways every day. It’s awesome. Unfortunately, it’s left little time for blogging lately. But here’s an attempt to offer up some p.o.v. to […]

Well not really. But to some extent, she is the exaggerated experience of every social media marketing manager. See what I mean? So what do you think of Beth?

I’m not sure if you heard about this or not, but Coca-Cola UK pulled a Facebook ad campaign due to some inappropriate messaging going out through participant’s Facebook status updates. They were meant to be edgy and all updates were approved by Coke prior to the campaign launching. Well, unfortunately for Coke, a 14 year […]

I’ve been reading over Andy Sernovitz’s book Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking. I picked it up at Buzz 2009 and finally now have some downtime to actually read it. You can read a recap of his keynote here. So I’m thinking about WOM and seeing examples of it in my […]

Awhile back I was introduced to the Candycorn Theory (Myth #5) via a post on Mashable about the Oregon Trail Movie Trailer (embedded below). Now if you don’t feel like clicking through, here is my recap of the candycorn theory: When a piece of content reminds you of something you were fond of in your […]

In case you haven’t heard… Microsoft is pulling the plug on the Kin. You can add your words of condolence here. So what does this teach us? Well… 1. Us Gen Y’ers care about what our friends are doing, but not enough that we want to lose the perceived functionality of the phone. Lesson for […]

Never fear, because Hubspot is here! I’ve always been a fan of the content that Hubspot makes. From their Graders, to their webinars, to the videos that make me giggle with glee. Now they’ve brought something that is helpful for those looking to expand their marketing repertoire beyond “traditional marketing”. Understanding online marketing is vital […]

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a bit of a theatre nerd. I have my B.F.A. in Theatre and I direct locally in Baltimore. A lot of times my worlds collide and this happens to be one of those times, so I thought I’d share: Single Carrot is a local theatre company in […]

Lately I’ve been working on establishing branding guidelines (actually more like suggestions) for AAPA employees who are using social media for work purposes. It got me thinking… These guidelines can’t be mandatory because so much of the individual is tied into these accounts. If I ever chose to leave the association I would surrender my […]

Volkswagen is embracing the “fun”, so why shouldn’t you? If associations embraced the fun more, imagine how we could change the world.