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If you think that everything should be business, business and more business. Part of the beauty is that social media can be both. In associations we’re always trying to forge relationships and relationships come out of personal connections. So let your hair down a bit and have some fun. If you try to measure every […]

I’ve been up all night, insomnia again. So instead of tossing & turning all night, I decided to try & be productive by finishing my presentation for the AMP Lunch ‘n Learn session I’m doing on Thursday. I’d love to get some feedback about the presentation if you have the time.

I just finished up presenting at the SIGMA Annual Conference. Got a lot of great feedback from the audience and am very pleased that they were able to join me. Just to cover all my bases & make sure that attendees can find the information I compiled I’ve included 2 important links & my contact […]

Okay, so I think we’ve involved enough in social media within the association world to say that there are some things we shouldn’t be doing. A lot of these are from the perspective that my organization uses social media as an engagement tool and NOT a broadcast channel. Our focus is on the value of […]

It’s been a little bit since I’ve done a link oriented post, so here’s what I’ve been reading lately: Google is brilliant. Seriously. Their WOM advertising techniques & styling are so simple, yet so perfect for the setting. Can we all be as brilliant as Google? Thought this was a really interesting way to put […]

This post is a collaboration between Mashable’s Summer of Social Good charitable fundraiser and Max Gladwell‘s “10 Ways” series. The post is being simultaneously published across more than 100 blogs. Social media is about connecting people and providing the tools necessary to have a conversation. That global conversation is an extremely powerful platform for spreading […]

The longer I do social media for a living, the more I look for ways to automate my process. Here are a few things I’ve found that you can do to make things a little easier on you. 1. Harness your RSS feeds There are RSS feeds everywhere! Find ways to integrate them into all […]

The Long Road.


So this past week I’ve been in San Diego for our Annual Conference and I’m completely exhausted. I wanted to share with everyone the different ways that we used to connect with our constituents and I would love your feedback on all we’ve done. The PAnel – A conference blog manned by 11 PAs/PA Students […]

Twitter is my favorite social media tool, obviously. And there are ways to use it for internal communications. I currently have it set-up with some of my co-workers to help up collaborate on projects and (as long as everyone is checking Twitter) it works well for instantaneous communications. Here’s what we do… We set-up an […]

I was lucky enough to attend the SocialFish, LLC “Blogging for Associations” workshop yesterday with Peggy Hoffman and Rene Shonerd. It was a great session! Here’s what I learned/revisited: * Your content needs to be about the community Don’t have your blog be about the association, have it be about the community as a whole […]