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Driving Growth: An Online Community Success Story with Ted Simpson & Paul Schneider of Socious Higher Education User group went from 4,500 to 24, 580 in a few short years. This community has been around for about 7 years or so. HEUG is a volunteer based organization, meaning lots of turnover, so they needed a […]

I’m not sure if you heard about this or not, but Coca-Cola UK pulled a Facebook ad campaign due to some inappropriate messaging going out through participant’s Facebook status updates. They were meant to be edgy and all updates were approved by Coke prior to the campaign launching. Well, unfortunately for Coke, a 14 year […]

Dear Private Troller, You really don’t have to be so mean. Especially to potential clients since you are a consultant and the person you insulted happens to work with an association. This person wasn’t me, but I am personally connected (she’s my mother). What you did was totally uncool and even more unprofessional. I really […]

So Facebook is killing Connect in favor of “Open Graph”. They’ve now changed the fan dynamic, instead making it a more “light weight” relationship. Not good for those trying hard to build strong relationships. They also want you to “like” the whole web. They’ve introduced Community Pages, which I still don’t fully grasp the concept […]

So recently quite a few posts have come up about foursquare, and they got me thinking about being a responsible member of a social network. I love foursquare, I’ve said so. My problem is I’ve been thinking of ways that my association can use Foursquare at our conference and ways in which it will really […]

Lately I’ve been working on establishing branding guidelines (actually more like suggestions) for AAPA employees who are using social media for work purposes. It got me thinking… These guidelines can’t be mandatory because so much of the individual is tied into these accounts. If I ever chose to leave the association I would surrender my […]

Last month on the ASAE Membership listserv, the brilliant Cynthia D’Amour was answering a post about how to help build the participation on an internal member community. These are questions that I think are valuable for anyone with a member community to ask. I also think they are questions Associations should be asking themselves about […]

Am I behind on the times? When did Facebook change their search options? If you hadn’t noticed you can now search individual’s status updates. Interesting for non-profits, but is it too invasive? I did a quick search on Physician Assistant and found a ton of recruiters (not who I’m looking to connect with) and then […]

This is something I’ve been brewing on for awhile, then recently I saw a program on The Chapter Leaders Playground that I think speaks to this quite nicely. My friend/mentor/colleague Cynthia D’Amour had a world class Sommelier Eddie Osterland there to teach Chapter Leaders how to entertain. I know from personal experience that knowing this […]