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Use Your National’s Organization Social Media Initiatives

ASAE |  Component Relations Newsletter | October 2010

The trick to aligning your components’ social media strategies with the initiatives already in place at the national organization is this: Complement what the national organization is doing, and ensure a clear, consistent presence of your own without duplicating the work of national and exhausting your members. Follow four simple rules to accomplish these goals.
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Play Well With Others: Use Multiple Communications Channels to Engage Your Members

co-written with Layla Masri and Elizabeth Engel
ASAE  |  Membership Section Newsletter  |  September 2010

Your members communicate in a multitude of ways, and so should you. Three expert association membership and communications pros share ideas on how you can diversify your communications efforts to better listen to, collaborate with, and engage your members.
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Commit to Connect

Reprint of #asae10 blog post
ASAE  |  Annual Meeting “Daily Now”  |  August 2010

Though once critically useful, event backchannels on Twitter can become overcrowded and less relevant the more people talk at each other instead of talking with each other. Commit to go beyond and actually connect with the collective experience.

5 Twitter Tools You Can’t Live Without

ASAE  |  Springtime Expo “Daily Now”  |  May 2010

Five Twitter tools that will take your events to the next level.
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Measuring Social Media

DMAW  |  Marketing AdVents  | February 2010

<Description Pending>
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“Social Media: Why Bother? Part Two”

Association Media & Publishing  |  Final Proof  |  February 2010

In the final part of this two-part article series, the American Academy of Physician Assistants’ Lynn Morton explains why she believes that all associations should participate in social media—even if it’s only to listen in.

SocMed Managers Series: American Academy of Physician Assistants

SocialFish Blog  |  January 2010

In this series, we’re interviewing several people who do social media on behalf of their associations. This interview series would not be complete without one of the first and most active and helpful association social media practitioners, Lynn Morton of the AAPA.

What You Need to Know About Cloud Computing

Interview by Stephen Pelletier
ASAE  |  Associations Now  |  December 2009

“Cloud computing” has gotten buzz of late as a way to make your IT operations more efficient and save on staff costs. But the cloud isn’t perfect for every association, and it’s worth studying your needs and the kind of options a vendor is offering before diving in. (Titled “So Long, Server Room” in print edition.)

Social Media and Component Relations: 2010 and Beyond

Interview by Christine Umbrell
ASAE  |  Component Relations  |  December 2009

The new year provides the perfect opportunity for component relations professionals to re-evaluate communications strategies and determine which social media tools will be most useful in the coming months. Read what your colleagues have to say about which strategies they plan to use in 2010.
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Build Conference Buzz With Social Media

ASAE  |  Associations Now  |  October 2009

A meeting or conference is a perfect opportunity to use social media in a way that both develops community engagement and builds excitement for the event.

Social Media Challenges Component Leaders

Interview by Cynthia D’Amour
ASAE  |  Component Relations Section Newsletter  |  August 2009

While your board members slowly make the necessary steps to embrace social media, members of your components are likely one step ahead. What is your role as the component relations professional in this tug-of-war? Three component relations professionals offer advice on several scenarios related to this new world of blogging, tweeting, and Facebook.
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Social Media Cafe

AAPA  |  PA Professional  |  July 2009 – August 2010

Bi-Monthly column teaching PAs about technology trends for connecting & communicating, including: RSS Feeds, Twitter, Managing Online Reputation, iPad, Online Privacy, iPhone4
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