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It’s been a little bit since I posted, but I wanted to share an article that Maggie McGary and myself were quoted in for the Associations Now Interactive Extra. It’s all about building meeting buzz online; before, during and after the event. Check it out. Also, don’t forget the tips and ideas provided can extend […]

Admittedly, I haven’t spent much time on the ASAE site since it was launched back in August. I tend not to spend much time on there in general, probably because I get most of my value in the association from the people I connect with via the list-serv, the Associations Now magazine, or ASAE conferences. […]

Due to a conference call I unfortunately came into this session a little late, but here’s what I’m walking away with. Associations On the Go with Peter Hutchins & Amy Hissrich of ASAE The trend is moving that people want easy to carry devices where they can access large amounts of data. So what does […]

One of the things that I believe associations overlook is what I like to call their “unexpected influencers.” These are individuals who may not be active in the organization because that isn’t their style, however they can be more engaged and more influential than a lot of the more active leaders because they participate in […]

So there are a lot of posts in my drafts folder just waiting for a moment of attention to finally be finished. This is one of those many posts. Twitter lists launched awhile ago. I’ve set them up on my work Twitter account, have gone through all the people I follow and tried to classify […]

So I think the next big trend (that is already starting) is that iPhone apps from associations are on the way. I already know there are quite a few, including ASAE, and even my association is working up something to compliment our annual conference. My question is do I want my association on my phone? […]

Last month on the ASAE Membership listserv, the brilliant Cynthia D’Amour was answering a post about how to help build the participation on an internal member community. These are questions that I think are valuable for anyone with a member community to ask. I also think they are questions Associations should be asking themselves about […]

So most .org’s that use Twitter have a general account that is usually something like @[YourOrgHere]. At AAPA we don’t do that, we have two AAPA branded accounts – @AAPALynn & @AAPABrooke and a smattering of other staff under their own usernames. I’m realizing this is completely different than any other .org I’ve seen on […]

Recently ASAE released the “Power of A” campaign (aka #PWRA) to, from what I can tell, little acclaim in the association world. I really haven’t see anyone be like “wow that’s fantastic, that will really help us as an association reach our members”.  In fact, Chris Bailey from Gravit8 had some suggestions to make the […]

I do social media for a living. My position lies in the Marketing Department of my association, though associations handle this in different ways. I’ve compiled some pros & cons for the three major departments of associations that I see social media specialists in. Remember that each department looks for a certain skill set, and […]