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So I’m in love with RSS and have been for a very long time now. I see so much potential in what RSS can do for me, and it’s the one social media tool that I use every single day. I use it more than Twitter or Facebook. It powers all my autofeeds, and I […]

I’m not sure if you heard about this or not, but Coca-Cola UK pulled a Facebook ad campaign due to some inappropriate messaging going out through participant’s Facebook status updates. They were meant to be edgy and all updates were approved by Coke prior to the campaign launching. Well, unfortunately for Coke, a 14 year […]

Now up until this point, I’ve never really worried so much about my privacy online. I’m not handing out my credit card or social security numbers, but in general it hasn’t been a great concern for me and I’ve finally realized why… because you don’t worry about your privacy being violated when you are giving […]

So Facebook’s open graph is a little disconcerting. I’ve never been concerned with sharing information about myself with my friends and Facebook. I trusted that Facebook had my best interests at heart as a user, but now I’m seeing them in a bit of a different light. Their actions lead me to believe that they […]

Do you have a favorite Facebook Fan Page? I do. I’m totally head over heels for the work that is being done on the True Blood Fan Page. Don’t know what True Blood is? Well you’re missing out on all the vampirey/shapeshiftery/fairy goodness. (I read the book series that the TV series is based on) […]

So Facebook is killing Connect in favor of “Open Graph”. They’ve now changed the fan dynamic, instead making it a more “light weight” relationship. Not good for those trying hard to build strong relationships. They also want you to “like” the whole web. They’ve introduced Community Pages, which I still don’t fully grasp the concept […]

I opened a  SmartBrief on Social Media awhile back and they had posted this to their blog. What got me thinking wasn’t so much the post, but the teaser they put in the email. It stated “Your turn: Should employers restrict social-media access?”. My obvious answer is no they shouldn’t, but my reasoning as to […]

Am I behind on the times? When did Facebook change their search options? If you hadn’t noticed you can now search individual’s status updates. Interesting for non-profits, but is it too invasive? I did a quick search on Physician Assistant and found a ton of recruiters (not who I’m looking to connect with) and then […]

So Facebook changed to the Public profiles awhile ago & I think everyone is adjusting nicely. It seems to me that public profiles are the *it* spot for an association (at least for the group that I work with). We try to submit content to get an interaction every day and help keep us in […]

After reading the Buzz Bin’s post about the new Facebook changes that bear a striking resemblance to Twitter, I’ve decided to finally weigh in. (Because I know you all were waiting for that???) Here’s where I think the changes went ary… Facebook’s focus was on lifestreaming, meaning it was about the things you did – […]