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Back in March, I had the incredible pleasure of meeting Mr. Joe Gerstandt. He is an amazing person to converse with and an incredible speaker. I had the amazing opportunity to see him do the below Ignite presentation at ASAE Great Ideas. He’s probably one of the best speakers I’ve seen in awhile. Maybe it’s […]

So this is my second Ignite presentation I’ve been to in the past week (the other one being Ignite Baltimore 7). Since it’s kind of a firestorm of information, I’ve captured a key takeaway from each presentation. Enjoy! (btw, I will update with YouTube links when they are released) freak flag-flying (what, why, and how) […]

So this is a post that I’ve been working on during my time at #Ideas10. There was some great stuff and some not so great stuff. All in all I’m happy to have been a part of the experience, but there is definitely some room for improvement. Below is a list of observations both about […]

There are three drives: Rewards/Punishments,  Instinctual Drives (Carnal, Hunger, etc.), Motivation We respond to rewards & punishment. Rewards encourage the behavior, punishments discourage the behavior. We also do things because they are interesting. Higher rewards lead to worse performance. Contingent motivators work well for simple tasks, rule based tasks, etc. The contingent motivators actually narrow […]

ASAE tried to draft the under 30’s awhile back to participate in their Association of the Future (AOTF) “program” (I guess that’s the word to use). I didn’t participate because I think if I had anything more on my plate, my head my spontaneously combust. So today at #Ideas10 they had a session about AOTF. […]

Guy Kawasaki: The Art of Innovation Make Meaning – You want to change the world. So change it. Do it for a reason. Make a Mantra – Mission statements sucks. They’re too long, unspecific and no one can remember them. Short, specific & to the point. Jump to the Next Curve – Think about the […]