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Another meme has popped up on the associations blogs. This time it’s a Gen X meme, started by Maddie Grant and I was tagged by Matt Baehr. Well I’m not a Gen Xer, though I am spitting distance away from being one. Most of my friends are Gen X, so I figure I’ll play along […]

So I was tagged by Elizabeth Engel last month in the “Why I Blog” Meme. Basically I need to explain why I blog… Well I write two blogs on my own and then I contribute on another blog, so I’ll break this down by blog. SNAP (aka this blog you are reading now) – Blogging […]

Okay, time to finish what I was called to the plate to do. I was tagged by both KiKi L’Italien & Maggie McGary in Peggy Hoffman’s Volunteerism Meme. I was tagged awhile ago, but need some time to percolate about how I would like to volunteer (maybe ASAE should take all these as an opportunity […]

So this is the fourth meme I’ve answered in the last 12 hours. Some of that has to do with the insane craziness that is my life lately (had a show open just last weekend) and not responding sooner. My own fault, right? Well here goes… I was tagged in a Meme by Maddie Grant […]