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It’s been a little bit since I posted, but I wanted to share an article that Maggie McGary and myself were quoted in for the Associations Now Interactive Extra. It’s all about building meeting buzz online; before, during and after the event. Check it out. Also, don’t forget the tips and ideas provided can extend […]

Disclosure: PowerPivot is a client of mine, and the awesome chick in the blue shirt in the video is someone I work with often. In no way has the PowerPivot team asked me to write this post or talk about the tool. I thought it was awesome and useful to my readers, hence why I’m […]

I’ve been in one of my dry spells lately with regards to blogging. Feeling super guilty about that, so I thought I would share a favorite video session of mine from SXSW 2007. I saw this awhile back, but it still makes me laugh. It’s a little focused on web developers, but if you have […]

Being Present.


For those of you that also follow my personal blog, you may have read that after a few years away I’m returning to my yoga mat. I’ve missed it very much and going back I’m starting to realize how far I’ve drifted from my practice in my time away. The sixth limb of yoga is […]

In case you hadn’t heard, there is a big collective experience going on in the Tech world right now – CES. I say that with some sarcasm, because this event tends to transcend “business vs. consumer” quite well, so you’ve probably heard of it. Anyways, my point is that I don’t see a lot of […]

So once again, I find that it has been awhile since I’ve been able to write. The new job is taking me back & forth to Seattle and challenging me in new ways every day. It’s awesome. Unfortunately, it’s left little time for blogging lately. But here’s an attempt to offer up some p.o.v. to […]

Well not really. But to some extent, she is the exaggerated experience of every social media marketing manager. See what I mean? So what do you think of Beth?

One of the things that I believe associations overlook is what I like to call their “unexpected influencers.” These are individuals who may not be active in the organization because that isn’t their style, however they can be more engaged and more influential than a lot of the more active leaders because they participate in […]

If you think that everything should be business, business and more business. Part of the beauty is that social media can be both. In associations we’re always trying to forge relationships and relationships come out of personal connections. So let your hair down a bit and have some fun. If you try to measure every […]

Live-blogging from session #asae10 Goals 1. One policy for staff and volunteers The simplest thing that could possibly work, the more policies you have the more you need to maintain. 2. Platform Agnostic Based on individual behavior, not behavior on the site 3. This compliments your existing policies Not trying to cover everything 4. Policy […]