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Disclosure: PowerPivot is a client of mine, and the awesome chick in the blue shirt in the video is someone I work with often. In no way has the PowerPivot team asked me to write this post or talk about the tool. I thought it was awesome and useful to my readers, hence why I’m […]

So I’m in love with RSS and have been for a very long time now. I see so much potential in what RSS can do for me, and it’s the one social media tool that I use every single day. I use it more than Twitter or Facebook. It powers all my autofeeds, and I […]

My top 11 common twitter mistakes, in no particular order. Why 11? Well in top 10 lists, I’m always looking for a little something extra. 1. Broadcasting constantly Twitter is a conversation, don’t forget that. One thing I see brands doing too much is constantly broadcasting out information and not acknowledging the conversations that are […]

Now up until this point, I’ve never really worried so much about my privacy online. I’m not handing out my credit card or social security numbers, but in general it hasn’t been a great concern for me and I’ve finally realized why… because you don’t worry about your privacy being violated when you are giving […]

I’ve talked many times about how at AAPA we use personal accounts on Twitter. Some are branded, some are not. But really the crux of strategy is the use of Hashtags to communicate. So why hashtags you may ask? Well… The main purpose of the AAPA Twitter accounts is to help connect PAs. We do […]

So there are a lot of posts in my drafts folder just waiting for a moment of attention to finally be finished. This is one of those many posts. Twitter lists launched awhile ago. I’ve set them up on my work Twitter account, have gone through all the people I follow and tried to classify […]

So everyone once in awhile I write a really good post that I’m proud of. Well this time I did it, but it wasn’t even for this blog. It was for The PAnel, a conference based blog that I run for the association I work for. This great post was about teaching readers how to […]

Disclosure: I’m not a lawyer, I have no background in law. I respect those that do, but my statements below are based purely on my own use of common sense & trust in individuals. If you take issue with my statements, I invite you to comment & add to the discussion. Call me naive, but […]

I never thought it could happen, but one should never say never – you’ll always be proven wrong. It was the SocialFish that proved me wrong this time. I should explain by saying I never thought I would see an example of sponsored tweets working, yet at Buzz 2009 I saw just that. Blew me […]

So most .org’s that use Twitter have a general account that is usually something like @[YourOrgHere]. At AAPA we don’t do that, we have two AAPA branded accounts – @AAPALynn & @AAPABrooke and a smattering of other staff under their own usernames. I’m realizing this is completely different than any other .org I’ve seen on […]