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ABR stands for “Always Be Relevant” I’m thinking about this because lately I’ve been receiving tweets from random Tweeps (not people I follow) based on keywords totally taken out of context, or that the subject matter of one thing is completely irrelevant to what I’m actually talking about. Here is an example of what I […]

I know I’ve been writing about Twitter a lot lately and if this topic bores you, please let me know by commenting! I was talking with my mom (who also happens to work in associations) and she was saying how some people she works with tell her that Twitter is worthless. It’s a bunch of […]

Originally published August 21, 2008 So today has been a day full of Social Media for me. I’ve blogged a bit on my B-more Theatre blog, Plurk’d a bit, listened in on a webcast on Taming the Social Media Monster, updated my status on Facebook, logged in and checked my MySpace, read a few blog […]