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I’ve been reading over Andy Sernovitz’s book Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking. I picked it up at Buzz 2009 and finally now have some downtime to actually read it. You can read a recap of his keynote here. So I’m thinking about WOM and seeing examples of it in my […]

Andy Sernovitz’s Keynote from Buzz2009: WOM starts with happiness. Give people something to talk about & the reason to talk. Make it easier for that conversation to take place. Jones soda understands giving something to talk about, their Thanksgiving 6-pack. Do amazing things. Sometimes the tiny things are more important than the big picture. The […]

So this is the fourth meme I’ve answered in the last 12 hours. Some of that has to do with the insane craziness that is my life lately (had a show open just last weekend) and not responding sooner. My own fault, right? Well here goes… I was tagged in a Meme by Maddie Grant […]