Facebook and Public Profiles


So Facebook changed to the Public profiles awhile ago & I think everyone is adjusting nicely. It seems to me that public profiles are the *it* spot for an association (at least for the group that I work with). We try to submit content to get an interaction every day and help keep us in front of people’s faces. We import any RSS feeds that we can & are working on integrating other applications. I find some applications trickier than others to actually get on to the public profile, not very user friendly some times.

My question for everyone is this… How are you pimping out (technical term there) your Public Profile?

This question is a little self-serving b/c I’m hosting a webinar for Socious on the Facebook Public Profiles and I want to make sure I haven’t missed anything. So my social media buddies… please try to stump me! 🙂



One Response to “Facebook and Public Profiles”

  1. 1 Maggie

    My best Facebook public profile tip is using Involver for applications like YouTube, polls, etc. The Facebook or 3rd party apps for these things are often horribly glitchy and not easily customizable; Involver allows you to build very polished-looking branded pages for different applications. I haven’t yet upgraded to the professional version yet–right now I’m just using it for YouTube, but am getting ready to re-vamp some of our tabs and will be seeing whether it’s worth it to spend the $29 a month for the upgraded version or if the basic version we have is good enough.

    To me, the fact that you can now have a custom url for your public profile is HUGE–up until now, there was no good way to promote your page in print pieces; now, it’s a lot easier to drive new traffic to your page and also easier for your members to find the page and pass the word to their friends/fellow members.

    I have a question: what are your (Lynn) or anyone else’s thoughts about doing promotions like discounts on products or events for Facebook fans? On one hand, I think it’s good to keep marketing off Facebook/; on the other, a “coupon” or promotion tab with featured discounts seems to be a benign enough and potentially beneficial offering. Thoughts?

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